Receiver-Generator Crystal
from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

A Receiver-Generator Crystal is any Generator Crystal with one face (facet) that slopes inward more than its other five faces.  In other words, it will not
resemble a true Generator because all of its six faces are not perfectly equidistant from one another and do not come to a perfect point at the top-center
(see Generator Crystal).

Receiver-Generators simultaneously receive and project energy patterns.  These are obviously superior communication devices.  They are great tools for
anyone involved in transmuting energy and working with alternative forms of healing.

A Receiver-Generator is much easier to find than a true Generator and the best news about that is that they are multi-functional tools—you get two for
the price of one.  This crystal is a superb divination and telepathic communication tool and will cleanse and recharge energy at the same time during
these processes.  It carries within it all of the symbolism and abilities of both a receiver Crystal and a Generator Crystal.  A Receiver-Generator would be
an excellent choice for working with learning the delicate balance between receiving and giving


  •   Symbolized balance between giving and receiving
  •   One of the Power Stones
  •   One of the Shaman Stone
  •   A good Dream Stone
  •   One of the Rescue Stones  
  •   Excellent telepathic communication tool
  •   Good energy shield
  •   Great tool for accessing your belief systems
  •   Enhances all forms of communication
  •   Helps alleviate depression and lack of self-esteem
  •   Exceptional energy recharger and transformer
  •   Helps you work with fears of all kinds
  •   Stimulates feelings of self-confidence
  •   A terrific “if you think you can, you can!” buddy
  •   Represents your ability to both give and receive with Grace
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