Using SG and Grid Planes in your daily life

Sacred Geometry is a way of looking at our lives as totally connected through the grid. Though there are more than two grids, I will be talking mainly about the Mass
Consciousness Grid of the Earth Plane and the Universal (Christ) Consciousness Grid.

When we have thoughts that are connected to the Universal Grid they are inspired thoughts and can greatly uplift us and effect whatever or whoever is near us with
that same frequency of light and vibration.

When we are thinking connected to the Mass Consciousness Grid of the Earth we are connecting to the thoughts of 3rd dimensional creations and consequently the
vibration and frequency of light are simpatico with that 3rd dimensional frequency.  

As with POWER vs FORCE: An Anatomy of Consciousness, David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., demonstrates the correlations between thoughts and our own body's
energy level of consciousness. As you think so shall you be.  

How do you switch from the Mass Consciousness Grid to the Universal Consciousness Grid? It is almost too simple. Just mentally say to yourself “I am disconnecting
from the Mass Consciousness Grid and I am now connecting to the Universal (Christ) Consciousness Grid.”   Then visualize the strands going out from your body
and into infinity.  

Stay connected to the Universal Grid by imagining, periodically throughout the day, that sacred geometry strings run from your body to that grid.

Take just a moment now to mentally say to yourself “I unhook from the Mass Consciousness Grid of the Earth Plane and I am now hooked into the Universal (Christ)
Consciousness Grid.”  See your body with its energy strands connecting down through the earth and now also running up out the top of your head.  See the strands
going out on all sides of your body and out to infinity now connecting you to the Universal Grid.

Repeat the visualization periodically throughout the day especially when you think thoughts that may bump you to the Mass Consciousness Grid vibration.  Just
reconnect. Soon you won't have to keep reconnecting because it will be your new vibrational home.

Sounds pretty easy.  Just a few minutes each day and your frequency and vibration will change.  And, I believe this is the frequency from which they get the term
Charisma.  This all sounds so easy that I'm going be conscious today of the sacred geometry of my thoughts.  

I am wishing you clarity and joy in your daily creations.

Valerie Phillips
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Sacred Geometry and the Grids