from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

Two quartz crystals of equal length and size growing side-by-side are Soul Mate Crystals.  The crystals do not need to be perfectly aligned side-by-side
so long as they are of equal length and size.  In other words one can be standing on slightly lower ground than the other, but they are both really the
same length.

While a soul mate is generally defined as someone who will be the “love of your life”, we all have several soul mates not just one, and soul mates are not
always connected (in human terms) through loving relationships.  A soul mate is anyone with whom you have an unshakable deep connection at the soul
level and is an entity who loves you so deeply and strongly that he/she will do whatever is necessary to facilitate and promote your spiritual growth.  Most
of us know by now that this is not necessarily a pleasant experience, although it is always a productive one.

In some systems of belief, a soul mate is one-half of a whole unit of consciousness who split itself into two for specific spiritual evolutionary purposes,
while other systems support the belief that you have literally hundreds, even thousands, of soul mates.  But no matter which of these two beliefs are
yours, your Soul Mate Crystal will help you focus on connecting with a soul mate, someone that will be helpful in your life and growth at the time.

Soul Mate Crystals are excellent meditation and Dream Stones, helping you to get in contact with and begin to integrate your various selves so you may
ultimately reunite with you Essence of Soul (especially when used with Halite.)


  •   Symbolizes reuniting with you other half, your soul mate.
  •   Excellent Dream Stone
  •   Helps you attract one of you many soul mates
  •   Great telepathic communication tool
  •   Enhances your natural sensuality
  •   Assists access to past and parallel life experiences and memories
  •   Enhances compatibility between energies
  •   Superb meditation stone
  •   A good choice when working with maintaining balance
  •   Exceptional channeling tool
  •   Enhances communication between any dual energies
  •   Good divination stone
  •   Generates psychic energy
  •   Helps you deal with fear of involvement and relationships, in any form, especially when used with Smithsonite
  •   Connects you more directly to the various personalities of you own Essence, especially when used with Halite
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