From Crystal Personalities By Patricia Troyer

When you look into one of your quartz crystals you will sometimes see a shape or form of some kind, often resembling a human figure, an animal, or even
a mythical or abstract form.  These crystals are called Teacher Crystals and can also be any other crystal personality.  Often Teachers have more than
one teacher within them, and these inner teachers can, and do, change.  It is highly likely that one person’s Teacher Crystal will not be another person’s
at all.  These are personal and specific images or symbols meant for the individual attracted to them.  

Meditation with a Teacher Crystal allows you a more direct access and connection to the information transmitted by your teacher.  Your teachers, of
course, are not physically living in the crystal but are projecting a portion of their energy there for your benefit and learning, choosing those symbols and
shapes they know you will respond to best.  Calm that little hamster running crazily around in your mental cage.  Teach yourself to quietly listen with no
preconceived ideas or expectations, and your Teacher Crystal will begin to help you find exactly what you need to know when you need to know it, which
direction might be preferable at the time, and even what you might like to be working on at the inner level.

Remember that the teachers in you Teacher Crystal are symbolic and you can interpret them just as you would any other personal symbol.  At the very
least, focusing on the shapes you see in your Teacher Crystal will help you become more creative, and certainly better in touch with your own symbols
and understanding of them.

  • Symbolizes the inner teacher.
  • One of the Shaman Stones.
  • Superior Dream Stone.
  • A good Rescue Stone.
  • Stimulates psychic awareness and development.
  • Activates teaching dreams and visions.
  • Superb meditation stone.
  • Enhances self-awareness.
  • Helps you recognize and interpret your personal symbols.
  • A very good “listening” stone.
  • Good choice during a vision quest.
  • Good divination stone.
  • Excellent protection stone.
  • Almost always soothing and calming in its actions.
  • Stimulates and boosts creativity.
  • Allows easier communication with your guides and teachers.
  • Supports your work with lessons concerning your belief systems.
  • Helps you learn patience and trust.
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