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A very gifted psychic, Kim combines a variety of tools to give
accurate, specific and detailed readings of past, present and
future events.

always been able to tune into people and provide very clear,
positive and practical guidance.

She is able to predict outcomes and assist clients in changing their
path to create desirable results.

Also a certified hypnotherapist, Kim is able to psychically
recall past lives of clients and provide detailed accountings of past
lives and events.

A very positive and detailed psychic, Kim guides her clients to tap
into their own inner strength and wisdom.

For an appointment, please call  619-847-1559

When I started this prosperity series, I was guided to allow my life experience to determine the order in which I would present this wonderful
Unfortunately, this one is a little tough.

As many of you know, I lost my brother recently.  (Many thanks for your messages of condolence, I felt your Love in a very tangible way.)

Jeff died of illness caused by alcohol abuse.  He had been hospitalized many times with this and still could not stop drinking.  In the end, he lost his
struggle with addiction.  I know he is at peace now.

An important key to the Law of Attraction is Release.  When you let go of something  which is harmful to you, you send a message to the Universe that
Love yourself more than you want to be involved with a destructive habit/relationship/lifestyle/thought process.  In fact, you KNOW that you ARE
worthy of
a happy, healthy, prosperous life.

For me, it is the nasty addiction to nicotine.  The profoundly painful loss of my brother has made me realize that I cannot continue doing something that
could cause me so much harm.  It has been a little over four weeks since I lit one up, and you won’t see me doing that again!   

We cannot hold on to behavior that keeps us in past thinking and move toward our Good at the same time.  Take a moment and imagine how much
it would feel without that one pesky bugaboo that you can’t seem to let go of, even though you KNOW you would be happier and better off without it.

Lesson 4:

Look around your life.  What do you need to give up in order make room for your best life now? Are you involved in a hurtful relationship, bad habit, or
other personal drama?  Make a commitment to let it go! Get help if you need it.  As a spiritual being you are deserving of so much more!

Another way to work on release is to simply make physical space.  Get rid of the things that you don’t need.  Clean out your closets.  Hand unneeded
things on to others who can use them.  Affirm that you are making space for more Good in your life and that you are attracting your Good Now!  Trust
Universe to fill the void with something wonderful.

Hypnosis really helps with habit control, and the release of fears and other blocks.  I am available for counseling and hypnotherapy at 619-847-1559!


Kim Ehn

I have had quite a few readings with Kim
over the past 8 years and she is extremely
accurate, insightful and a joy to talk with.

She brings humor and a positive perspective
to everything and I highly recommend her.

Valerie Phillips
DNA Alchemy.com