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This place has changed since we have been here last.  You have changed it.  You will notice soon that you are quite different than you were only a short time ago.  
One of the questions humans have difficulty with is, “Should we blend together or preserve our unique heritage?”  Humans are so proud of their origins.  You take
pride in your heritage and want to keep it separate so as not to lose its uniqueness.  Yet, we have talked many times about the blending of energy being in accord
with the Universal Energy and the segregation being against it.  Basically, this means that it is best to lose your uniqueness in order to be able to be a part of
everything else.  This is a typical human interpretation seen from one point of perception.  

The Great Experiment
This day we would like to expand on this point to show you an even larger truth.  Today we wish to speak about several points that will help to answer some of
those questions about what we do?  Do we blend together, or do we segregate?  Universal Energy is the base energy that permeates everything.  It has a natural
action of blending everything together.  Imagine that everything is blended together in a beautiful ball—we will call that ball God—we will call that ball Home, we will
call it Heaven or whatever name you wish it to have.  There was a great experiment that took place.  ‘All that is’ was going to pretend to be separate.  The
experiment was to see if something infinite could define itself by pretending to be finite. This was the origin of the Grand Game you are now playing.  At one point
the ball began to expand.  It was not long before the ball began to separate naturally forming other balls.  The Grand Game of Hide and Seek was now underway.
This was the event of what you know to be the Big Bang.   

Anything that is stretched will have a natural reaction of wanting to pull back together. So as you stretch Universal Energy, it has the natural reaction of pulling back
together. At this stage in your evolution, all things will have a tendency to come back together. That does not mean that you should lose your heritage, because
that is your light.  That is your energy that you are placing on the part of god that you are—this piece, this unique ray of light.

Colors of the Rainbow
Imagine that you are a light being coming from Home and that light being is split off by a prism into thousands of rays, not just four or eight, but thousands of
different rays, literally thousands of different vibrations of light. The colors of the rainbow illustrate the effect this has.  Many different harmonic vibrations of light
are drawn together to form the beauty you see as a rainbow.  You are one of those vibrations of light, dear ones. Now, what would happen if the color blue in that
rainbow decided to merge with the other colors?  The rainbow would lose its distinction and soon there would be no rainbow.  So do you take pride in the fact that
you are part of the rainbow, or do you take pride in the fact that you are the unique color blue?  Probably your answer is both, because from your perspective
within the rainbow you cannot see.the overview  Yet we tell you that each color taking pride in its individual, unique heritage creates the most vibrant rainbow.  That
is the most important part to re-member.  The first part is to honor your creation and honor who and what you are.  The second part is to share that beautiful flavor
of light of yours in harmony with others.  Humans often have difficulty here, as they think that the illusion of separation offers them only one choice.   However, both
are possible. Your unique color is your gift to contribute to the whole.  You are one color in a beautiful painting. You are the color of light as it is reflected within
your physical bodies.  You are the unique expression of the color from Home.  Imagine that your last memory of Home was the most vibrant rainbow stretched
across a seamless sky.  You have come here with the constant desire to see that same rainbow once again, and so you came in with that attribute to bring it

Why is the Light Different in Paris?
Let us switch for a moment and speak of another aspect of this multidimensional question.  Have you ever noticed that the light here in Las Vegas is different than
the light in Paris, which is different than the light in New York City, which is different from the light in Omaha and Copenhagen?  Artists and photographers know the
different reflections of light instinctively, yet science has not been able to quantify this phenomenon.  Why is that?  It is because your heart energy has an effect on
everything around you.  What you love becomes a part of you.  Your heart energy has an effect on every molecule that gathers around you from the Universal
Field.  You have a magnetic universal field that precedes you before you pick up the phone, or before you walk into a room.  It precedes you in everything you do.
It starts aligning the energy and particles for your manifestation before you actually step into action. When you walk down the street and pass a statue on the
corner, that the statue is charged with your energy as you walk by.  All things are collectors of light and every time you shine your light on an object it then holds a
portion of that light.  Like charging a battery, physical objects all collect and hold the energy they are given. You have all experienced jewelry or other prized
possessions from your ancestors that hold their energy even though they have ling since passed.  This is because they have had such a strong charge from being
loved by the owner that they carry the light charge long after their death. The easiest way for us to explain this is to say that once your light shines upon an object
that object then carries some of your light.   If that light is reinforced it will be a constant reflector of your light.  If not, the charge will eventually fade.  That has to do
with your uniqueness—no two lights are the same vibration.  Each person carries a different vibration of light.  This is your unique beauty.

Another You
As we have said, all energy comes from a base energy of love.  Love is the mother energy from which all other energy forms are created.  You do not usually think
of electricity or gravity as a form of love, so let us introduce that idea now.  Light is a form of unique energy.  Energy never dies; it never ends, nor does it begin; it
is infinite.  It only transforms from one form of energy to another, and when you have love in your heart for any reason you infect the molecules around you with
particles of your love.  You change everything around you just by your presence.  You are a chemical, electrical, magnetic being and your own magnetic field
creates your reality just before you walk into it.  Even within a relationship both people take on physical aspects of the other person.  Have you noticed that people
who are together a long time begin to look like each other?  It can be said that a relationship is when you like the way you look on them. This is the way you mirror
each other and if find that you like the image you see of yourself in them, and then you have a friendship.  If you love the way you look at your own image on them,
then you have a love relationship.

Now that you have that concept let us speak about your effect on the being that is closest to each of you every moment of every day.  The Earth picks up your
vibration. The Earth herself becomes a reflector of your love.  She takes on your particles and reflects sunlight differently as a result of the unique energy felt by
those living daily in that particular area.  That is the reason that the light is different in Paris than it is in Mexico City.  It is a collective reflection of everyone’s heart
and what we call coloring the light.  It is this color of light that is reflected back to Earth.  

The emotional average energy of the people living in the area alter the Earth, and that causes it to reflect light differently.   Positive energy reflects light; negative
energy absorbs light.  So if you go to a place where the people have love in their hearts, then the light is reflected.  By contrast, if you travel to a place where there
was a hideous crime or a large negative event it would absorb the light. This is why you say these places have dark energy.   So every time you travel to a new city,
stop where you are, take a look around and enjoy the reflection of the light in each different place that you travel.  It is simply the same light reflected through
different hearts.  It is entirely possible for you to blend together without losing your uniqueness.  

Enjoy the Ride
Dear ones, you have such an incredible ride in front of you!  You have created something unexpected. You have created the possibility of carrying your full powers
of spirit while still in physical form.  This was never dreamt of at the beginning of this Game.  You carry the full powers of creation always when you are Home.  All
you have to do is die and you will have all your powers back instantly.  But to walk in the human condition while carrying these powers is an expression of god
never before seen.  This truly is the evolution of god.  This evolutionary step will catapult the evolution of humanity much farther than ever thought possible and will
eventually set the tone for every Game in motion.  To carry your own powers of creation is something that you did not trust yourselves to do in the beginning of the
Game, for you knew that you were not masters of your thoughts.  You understood there could be terrible consequences to have all these creative powers and not
have control over what you believed and what you thought.  That is changing today. That is what is shifting. You may now carry the full creative energy of your
spirit within your being within a bubble of biology.  This has enabled you to create the path beneath your foot just before your foot hits the ground.  The days
ahead can be filled with joy and passion, if you accept the challenge to carry and use these powers.  The evolutionary path of humanity is about to turn into a joy

We realize that we have created more questions in your mind than answers, but that is what we do, for we do not hold the answers you seek.  You have them
already.  Our greatest job is to help you re-member your questions rather than to give you answers.  That is the way we work with empowered humans and the way
we communicate with you.  You have capabilities in front of you that have never before been and we hope to encourage you to take the next step into personal
empowerment.  This evolutionary leap is due to your choices.    With that leap comes a new responsibility, for to hold the power it must be balanced with
responsibility.  Begin by taking responsibility for your own happiness for that is when you can most effectively color the light.  You have taken huge steps in
consciousness over a matter of Months.

Dear ones, we know it is not easy being humans.  You have not devised the Game in that fashion.  You knew that you were going to run across difficulties.  You
knew that you were going to play the Game in a field of duality. For you saw things as up and down, right and wrong, love and fear, and now you are moving into a
field of triality where the good and bad are balanced by the new connections of the higher self and things are starting to take on new shapes. You see new things.
You have new capabilities that you did not have only a short time ago.  Awaken from the dream. It is time to take your power right where you are in these beautiful
bubbles of biology and be the most beautiful color of your own light.  

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three simple re-minders.  Treat each other with the greatest respect, for you are looking in the eyes of god
when you look in another’s eyes. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member that it is a beautiful Game.  Play well together.


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