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The Magic of I AM

A very gifted psychic, Kim combines a variety of tools to give
accurate, specific and detailed readings of past, present and
future events.

Aware of her strong psychic ability since childhood, Kim has
always been able to tune into people and provide very clear,
positive and practical guidance.

She is able to predict outcomes and assist clients in changing their
path to create desirable results.

Also a certified hypnotherapist, Kim is able to psychically
recall past lives of clients and provide detailed accountings of past
lives and events.

A very positive and detailed psychic, Kim guides her clients to tap
into their own inner strength and wisdom.

For an appointment, please call  619-847-1559

I have had quite a few readings with
Kim over the past 8 years and she is
extremely accurate, insightful and a
joy to talk with.

She brings humor and a positive
perspective to everything and I highly
recommend her.

Valerie Phillips
DNA Alchemy.com
I'm back, as promised, to talk about who we are.  Who are You?  That is not just an existential question.

According to the Law of Attraction, YOU ARE WHO YOU SAY YOU ARE!  Do you make statements like I AM broke, I AM fat, I AM too old/young, or I CAN'T
do that?  Join the club!  We all do this from time to time.

Those kinds of statements merely reflect what your present life looks like to you. Your present circumstances were created by your PAST thinking!  

But, but, but, all that stuff looks so REAL you might say!  There really ISN'T enough money in my bank account right now.  All the men (women) I meet ARE
jerks! The good ones DO seem to be taken. The economy IS in trouble.  Other people or circumstance or my own imagined shortcomings really ARE
keeping me from being happy. I never CAN find enough Love, money, peace, time, etc.....

Whoa, Dude, Back UP!  Somewhere along the line, you learned to think this way. When you were putting those I AM statements out there, the Universe
was listening!  You used your I AM statements to create your reality.

I AM is your Spiritual name.  It refers to the Spark of the Divine that is at the core of your being. This Spark attracts to you like or similar energy. This I AM
is the Real You and is more powerful than any negative circumstance!!!  Isn't that great news?  It means that YOU can recreate your experience!

Lesson three:

Start today to observe yourself and the statements you are making throughout the day.  Make a list, but do not feel discouraged!  Simply turn the
statements around.

    I AM wealthy!

    I AM now attracting my perfect partner!"

    I AM confident and strong.  I can handle any situation

    I AM a Beloved Child of a Wise and Benevolent Father and Mother.

    Only the Best for me!

    I AM in the flow of my Good!

This may feel a little strange at first, declaring your Good in the midst of seemingly bad appearances. Do this experiment anyway.  

Create an affirmation that suits your desires.  Put it in the present tense so that the Universe doesn't leave it hanging out there in the future.  Say or write
it many times a day.  Ask the universe for confirmation, then pay attention to what happens.

As always, I welcome questions or feedback on your experiences.

Plan a get together with friends and have a Psychic Party!  I will come to you!


I AM claiming the Best for you!   


Kim Ehn