You have searched all your life for the one, you may even have thought that you had come close a few times, but in the end you
have never found that person you envisioned as being the one.

If you have entered the new paradigm of relationship you are resigning yourself to the truth that the person for whom you were searching who was to fill the shoes of
The One does not really exist.

When you entered the new paradigm an evolution occurred inside of you that triggered and switched on the truth.  You are
the one.  No one outside of yourself
can be the one.

No one but you can give you everything you are looking for.

Projecting desires on to someone else (energetically) requesting another to behave in a way that fulfills our

          That was the old relationship paradigm.

The old relationship paradigm is dead and gone for most of us now.  

The people who still hold on to the illusion of
the one are partnered with another who is still holding on to the same illusion.  We all know the truth of those
relationships built on mutual illusion for they are a barren waste land sucking the life out of the people participating in it.

In the new paradigm of you being,
the one, the power and truth of who you are is activated and a new understanding of your own freedom is now alive in every cell
of your body to the core matrix of your soul - to be who you are.

The celestial energies moves through your body creating anew in every moment when you are
the one for yourself.  

There is a signal to the Source that you are
ALIVE and ready to participate in partnership with Divine Will.

Now hold on a minute, those of you who feel like something outside yourself has the upper hand or would be controlling you if you were working through DIVINE WILL.

It is your own Divine Will that is activated - you and Source are one - it is you and Source.

Your Divine Will is a higher frequency vibrational aspect of yourself.

As you work through Divine Will you still have free will to go in any direction you want.  Interestingly, it seems to be a no brainer that you will see and feel the wisdom
of the direction you are being activated to go in and so you go with little or no m
ental stuff occurring around it.

By Mental Stuff I mean the hesitation thoughts that your ego mind can come up with to road block you.  This Mental Stuff is gone in the new paradigm.

In the new paradigm when you have a desire or thought, you already internally
know what it is about, you take action.  You can feel it is from Divine Will and it feels

In your relationships and all areas of your life Divine Will automatically occurs in the new paradigm.

Now back to the relationship, you no longer project your happiness and expectation out onto your partner.  Either your partner needs to shift or they will move on.  It
is about energy resonance.  As you grow and become more conscious, your partner needs to grow and change to continue to resonate at your new frequency.

At this point, you already realize that if the partner you are with is not growing with you, you are not interested in continuing the relationship.  You will find no point in
it because you don't feel the relationship serves a purpose.  You will also note that it is better for the other person to be released to go on their way to find their own
resonance in life.

  • You are not pulled into the drama karma romantic illusion any more.

    Old Paradigm:  People fall in love the heart energy travels down to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras where it can stay, periodically moving up to the heart and
    back down again.

    Romance fades because it is illusion when the heart energies drop down into lower chakras and come back up to the heart you are actually connecting with a
    person at a lower level.

  • You are not going to attract into your life the old pattern relationships anymore because you are done.  You send the signal to Source that you will only accept
    your Divine Compliment.

    The Divine Compliment is the masculine or feminine version of yourself.  The paradox is that you when you no longer need anyone in your life to make you
    happy or play drama off of you attract this person into your life.   When you love and honor yourself, this person can be one of the greatest gifts from
    Source.   I say this because if you do not fully love yourself, the similarities and differences in the mirror of this relationship can drive you crazy because you
    are irritated seeing yourself.

    If you love yourself, you will totally appreciate and enjoy this person with a deep heart felt regard (not romantic love but authentic universal love).
  • The new paradigm relationship is heart to heart and even higher level connections.  The joy of this must be experienced to be understood because you are
    calm and tranquil in this relationship - not agitated and dramatic. This relationship is like being with your best friend (you) with complete trust and complete
    comfortability and lots of laughter.  

    The purpose of the Divine Compliment relationship is that you are able to be guided by your own Divine Will and this
    person, who is also doing the same in their own way, understands and supports you.  You amplify each others energies.  There is no waring of the ego wills as
    in the old paradigm of relationship.  There is now equal respect, love, honoring and support with both of you having already balanced and unified your own
    masculine and feminine energies.

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