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Many people see Love as a sign of weakness.  They think that kindness will only be repaid by injustice and that those who follow the Golden Rule will be
Love in truth, is the ultimate power.   When we truly Love ourselves, then we truly become ourselves, even Loving the worst parts of us.  We are
then able to live freely as our true selves.  We are also free to Love others without reservation or expectation.

When we interact with Love we are never let down.  Feeling hurt or disappointed by another is really saying that WE had an expectation of that
person that wasn't met.  Real Love knows that people grow at different levels and may or may not be able to meet our needs the way we want them to.  
Loving yourself makes you are all right with you, even when others are not.

Often, what we call Love can be some kind of barter system.  We think to ourselves,  if I am giving to others, they are obligated to reciprocate.  
We often are not truthful or do not speak up at all for fear of not being loved.  Real Love allows us to be both honest and kind to ourselves and others.  
Sometimes the most Loving thing to do is to let go of relationships that are not balanced, healthy, or happy.

How do we achieve self Love?  It is a process.  First know in your heart that you are the Beloved Child of a Loving Mother and Benevolent
Father.  You have a Divine Right to live and Love or you would not be here on earth.

Make a list of your shortcomings then burn it.  Rather than criticize yourself so intensely, look at your mistakes as if you were a child learning.  
Gently correct and encourage yourself to do better.  If you have children, think of the ways in which you would like for them to learn, then apply this to
yourself.  If not, think of the ways in which YOU wish that you had been helped and Loved.

Look in the mirror at least once a day.  Stop staring at the wrinkles and blemishes.  Simply say to yourself I Love You.  You are perfect the way you
were made.

Perfect?  Yes!  You came here to learn.  Even your seeming imperfections of body, mind or character were designed to make you perfectly human
so that you can learn to be a more Loving being.

If you still cannot see that you are beautiful and perfect, find one small part of you that you can Love.  Maybe you can Love your big toe!  Great!  
Tomorrow Love your other one!  Take it from there after that.  Count your kindnesses and know that you are lovable.

While you are learning to be more kind to yourself, don't forget that we are all in this together, trying to overcome our fears and bad programming.  
Why not try to understand others and see if you can stop yourself from judging them also.

Real Love is creative.  It goes out and comes back to you in surprising and wonderful ways!  

I will be back soon with more lessons about prosperity.

Love, Kim

A very gifted psychic, Kim combines a variety of tools to give
accurate, specific and detailed readings of past, present and future

Aware of her strong psychic ability since childhood, Kim has always
been able to tune into people and provide very clear, positive and
practical guidance.

She is able to predict outcomes and assist clients in changing their
path to create desirable results.

Also a certified hypnotherapist, Kim is able to psychically
recall past lives of clients and provide detailed accountings of past
lives and events.

A very positive and detailed psychic, Kim guides her clients to tap
into their own inner strength and wisdom.

For an appointment, please call  619-847-1559
I have had quite a few readings with
Kim over the past 8 years and she is
extremely accurate, insightful and a
joy to talk with.

She brings humor and a positive
perspective to everything and I highly
recommend her.

Valerie Phillips
DNA Alchemy.com