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The Reconnection™
Reconnective Healing 1 Hour Session
Shift the Energies in Your Life
The Reconnection 60-90 Minute Session
Appointment time scheduled by email.
Axiotonal lines reconnect you to 5th dimensional
frequencies of light and information.
Fees for Reconnective Healing™ are set by the

The fee for The Reconnection™ is always $333,
which includes both sessions.
During a Reconnective Healing session you receive
5th dimensional frequencies of light and information
that are facilitated by moving the hands just above the
body, energizing it with these higher frequencies.

up with these higher frequencies.  Many healing have
been reported from sessions of Reconnecting
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Aniotonal lines reconnect you to 5th
dimensional vibrational frequencies
light and information.  This connection then allows you to feel
and know more of your true-self (divine-self).

The Reconnection connects your physical body's meridians
(energy zones) to the grid lines of the universe.  You have
always been connected but throughout time have forgotten who
your really are (a divine being) and some of these strands and
strings (DNA) body to everything in the cosmos.

People have reported to me that they feel a profound sense of
peace.  They have also said that they feel reborn and for the first
time really 'know' the real-self (divine-self) within them with
clarity and on an intimate, deep level.

Some people report that they no longer have the same
"mind-script" as before.  By "mind-script" I mean the
conversation that runs automatically in our heads.  Sometimes
it is not in alignment with what we truly desire in our lives and
yet it has been difficult to get the mind-script to change - even
with positive thinking and affirmations.

The Reconnection - connects you profoundly to the Source Grid
- Christ Consciousness or Unity Consciousness Grid plane of

I hope you give yourself the gift of experiencing it.