from Crystal Personalities by Patricia Troyer

A quartz crystal with a parallelogram as one of its faces(facets) is a Time Link Crystal. The parallelogram itself is an ancient symbol for the power to
emerge from your present position through the flexibility and willingness to learn and accept new ideas and new directions.  If the parallelogram leans
toward the left, it supports you in achieving your goals.  If the parallelogram leans toward the right, it is a superb tool for igniting your natural inspiration
and creativity.

Meditating or sleeping with a Time Link Crystal helps you begin to unravel the intellectual problems concerned with your personal concepts of Time.  Time
Links are also useful when tracing the evolution of your essence throughout your involvement with physical Time.

Time Links make excellent telepathic communication tools since they both understand Time and are able to work both inside and outside Time's limiting

Time Link Crystals should be used and treated with awareness of what they represent.  Does yours lean left or right?  As with all information you receive
with crystals, be sure you really want to know and are ready for the information.   And be specific and clear in the way you ask.

  •        Symbolizes your ability to emerge from your present state of being.
  •        Represents your willingness to learn and grow.
  •        One of the Shaman Stones.
  •        Excellent Dream Stone.
  •        Excellent channeling stone.
  •        First rate tool during past and parallel life recall exercises.
  •        Good choice as a divination tool.
  •        Helps you be more comfortable with being held within physical Time.
  •        Reminds you to be patient and give yourself 'time'.
  •        Allows you to see the illusions and lessons connected with Time.
  •        Connects the past, present and future related to Time.
  •        Supports you while accessing parallel realities located within physical Time.
  •        Good choice when working toward a goal (left-leaning parallelogram).
  •        Ignites creativity and inspiration (right-leaning parallelogram).
  •        Assists you in working out problems associated with your personal concept of Time.
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