Trigger Crystal
From Crystal Personalities
By Patricia Troyer

A crystal with a smaller crystal on one of its sides near its base is a Trigger Crystal, but some triggers are found farther up the crystal’s body.  In many
cases the smaller crystal at the base is not fully formed and resembles a slope reaching up the base or side of the crystal.  …. Triggers can be any
crystal personality.  So you may find an Isis Trigger, a Time Link Trigger, a Receiver Trigger, etc.  (However, if you have an Osiris Trigger, you might want
to make sure it’s not loaded when you point it, just to be safe.)

When pressed, the smaller crystal trigger fires a focused, concentrated, enormously amplified burst of energy through the termination (point) of the larger
crystal.  Trigger Crystals are often used by those working in alternative healing fields to focus and concentrate energy to a specific spot, and should
always be used only with training and knowledge.  

Trigger Crystals allow short, intense bursts of energy to be injected more precisely into any stone program or for any other purpose for which you may be
using your Trigger.  These are major protection stones and excellent go-anywhere, “I’ll take care of you” buddies.

Trigger Crystal Quick Reference:
  • Symbolizes intense, powerful, focused energy
  • Projects pooled and focused energy in short, intense bursts.
  • Enhances your decision-making abilities.
  • Helps dissolve personal illusions.
  • Sparks a strong desire for independence.
  • Dissolves unconscious insecurities impeding your movement.
  • A good mediation and thought form booster.
  • Helps you discover your personal lessons.
  • First rate protection stone.
  • Stimulates feelings of self-confidence.
  • Good tool when dealing with fears of all kinds.
  • Holds and transmutes energies.
  • Outstanding tool for alternative healers.  
  • Takes on all the qualities of its crystal personality formation.
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