From Crystal Personalities
By Patricia Troyer

Warrior Crystals are quartz crystal power pieces (most often Generators, Lasers, or Quantums) which have been harshly handled and consequently have
damaged, chipped, or broken points. Warrior Crystals symbolize the spiritual warrior in you and remind you that you are expected to overcome anything
blocking your growth without complaining, even if life drops you on your head a few times.  Warriors are not Empaths; they have not been that badly

Warrior Crystals often display brilliant rainbows, and it is often the effort of overcoming the damage to their power that has caused the Warrior to create
and reflect back these rainbows.  Warriors remind us to do the same.

These crystals are excellent strengtheners of your mental and spiritual qualities and connect you more directly to the Earth’s energies surrounding you at
any given moment, wherever you are.  Warriors are great companions on any part of your spiritual journey or quest.  

Meditation with Warrior Crystals can help you access your own spiritual warrior nature and, with the proper effort on your part, even lead you to your
vision quest and support you on your journey.  

In short, Warriors help you access your warrior qualities and remind you that the only battle you ever really fight is with your own nature.  Warriors remind
you to take responsibility for your life and your reactions to it, and to see your excuses for not being your true self for what they really are.  Then your
Warrior makes sure you overcome any illusions and self-limitations with truth, integrity, and absolute impeccability.  


  •        Symbolizes personal truth, integrity, and the ability to live impeccably.
  •        Symbolizes the spiritual warrior
  •        One of the Power Stones
  •        One of the Shaman Stones
  •        A good Dream Stone
  •        Excellent Rescue Stone
  •        Helps you access you true warrior nature
  •        Superb protection stone
  •        Supports you in overcoming your fears
  •        Represents strength and integrity
  •        A good meditation stone
  •        A great aid in dealing with fear of acknowledging your personal power
  •        Stimulates feelings of confidence and courage
  •        Outstanding energy shield
  •        A good balance tool for either too little or too much Yang energy
  •        Helps you deal with depression and the thoughts creating a wall of depression you just can’t jump over
  •        Aids in working with lessons concerning physical death or life-threatening illnesses
  •        A good reminder that your only real battle is with your own nature and that you will ultimately conquer
  •        Reminds you that you can never be defeated as long as you are always true to your Self
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