What is this New Earth
Ascension - shemension, what does it really mean and what is happening on the Earth and to all of us?

If you are like me by now you are done reading all the old stuff - you are just done.  The only thing that will serve you now is NOW.

What is happening NOW, what works NOW and what is going to help you right NOW.

The old truths seem like nice fluff and platitudes and you are now looking for the key to unlock your own power.

You just can't bring yourself to look for truth outside yourself anymore because when you start to read someone else's idea of what is - you just see a
bunch of blah, blah, blah.

I have found that this experience is perfectly in alignment with the New Earth and no one being in charge of you - but you.

It is your awakening unto the kingdom of inside of you.

Sure we still read metaphysical information out there but there is a much higher degree of discernment inside of us.

We register immediately whether the information we are reading is going to assist us and if the energy of the writing is bringing new encodements and
awakenings or if it is just rehashing the same old stuff.

We have no patience or tolerance with old energy stuff.

This is all because we are on the brink of our own complete awakening and remembrance.

Nothing else will do.

You can hardly meditate any more, you don't do the same old rituals regarding your spiritual life.

Why?  This is because you already are connected.  Your foundation has been laid or is in the making NOW.  No more going through something else or
some other methodology.

Or at least doing it with a new degree of understanding about what, where and why you are using a particular method.

Let use the
Autumnal Equinox as an example, I wrote an article with a meditation which thanks the Goddess and Mother Earth for the Harvest.  Quite
paradoxical to what I have just NOW written.  So here is the deal - you use these methods as a bridge way temporarily until you feel the power inside of
you to bring forth the understandings and knowledge your have inside of you.   The direct connection you now have is real - it is your belief and inner
feeling of being able to actualize this within you.

The New Earth is a place where Mother Earth's heart beats within you as your earthly body is part of this Divine Being.

Mother Earth is a Spiritual Being just as you are.  She is here doing a great service embodying this planet and all of us, her children, with her love.  
Mother Earth is Source energy just as you are Source energy.  She has her mission or job, just as you have yours and your job together with her.   
Honoring Mother Earth, honors you and Source energy since you are both Source energy.


Sit in a quiet place with no disturbances.  Take three slow deep breathes with deep slow exhales.

Visualize white light streaming down through the top of your head (crown chakra) and down through all the
chakras of the body
and out your root chakra or your feet and into Mother Earth's radiant luminous center core.

You immediately feel the warmth and love radiating up through the bottom of your feet from your sacred Mother Earth.

You feel and visualize the radiant pink mingled with silver light coming up through your feet and into your body.  Each
chakra begins to radiate and spin clockwise with this new energy.  

    1 -  Root
    2 -  Navel
    3 -  Solar Plexus
    4 -  Heart
    5 -  Throat
    6 -  Third Eye
    7 -  Crown
    8 -  Higher Energy Centers
    9 -
       10 -
11 -
12 - and on up through all your energy centers.
Visualize this energy spinning clockwise in all the chakras and in a moment you begin to feel the energy expand out in a quick flash into the universe.  
You notice how warm and vibrant you feel and you pause for the reply back from Source energy.

In a moment you see and feel this huge wave of radiant light coming to you in an instant you are merged with the radiant light of Source.  Breath deeply
and take a moment to receive and absorb all the energy which contains light and information coded within.  You feel warm and vibrant and totally
merged with Source.

When you are ready this radiant light moves down through you body and down into the core center of Mother Earth.  A deep connection is made and
the energies of Mother Earth and energies of Source come up through your feet and into your body.  Every chakra is spinning clockwise with this
radiant luminescent light and it expands in a huge flash of light going out from you to the universe again.

You pause and wait to receive the energies of Source once again and in a moment you are overwhelmed with a wave of light so intense that it makes
you cry with joy.  

This is the never ending flow of the universal Source energy with you and Mother Earth.

The waves and flows never stop and the energies and information becomes clearer and clearer to you with each wave of energy from Source.

Thank Mother Earth and Source for sharing their beautiful light with me.

End of Meditation

You can use this meditation with all the
color rays which are frequencies of higher energies now on the Earth.  Each color ray is an initiation into higher
frequencies and information.  Light frequencies are a clear way of transmitting coded information because bringing the information through in writing
and spoken language is always a step down to the energies.  Hopefully, not too much because encodements are in the writing as well.

What is this New Earth that we have chosen to be a part of?

It is (fifth dimensional) energies of universal brotherhood.  We get to create this - we are the ones - along with Mother Earth and the sacred Feminine we
merge and unify the old ideas of polarity in this Earth Program.  Each one of us are unifying the masculine and feminine with us, we are unifying the
chakras in our bodies into one field of energy - one energy center.  Divisions of things are always an illusion since there are, in reality, no dimensions,
no chakras and no separation.

But bear with me while I paradoxically walk through translating this information for where we are NOW and into the New Earth NOW.
Yes, you can laugh since there is no linear time - that is an illusion of separation as well.

Oh boy, this gets interesting - we'll have to make up new language to take us out of the old CODES of information and into the new CODES.  That is
another paradox from OLD to NEW since everything that ever existed is already in existence NOW.

My brain is tired now.  Paradox, Paradox, Paradox.

But it is all an adventure and great fun.

Valerie Phillips
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