Gabriel has historically been known as the messenger.

Well, he is that definitely because if you ask him for guidance, in accordance with Divine will Gabriel will provide you with the information.

The Hebrew word Gabriel means "Hero of God" or "Man of God" or "God is my strength"  depending on where you look for the meaning

The Angels purpose is to do the will of God.  Archangel Gabriel is a teacher and a messenger of truth.  He has historically provided Leadership.  
Gabriel can help you fearlessly tap in to this power.  Archangel Gabriel reassures you that it is safe for you to be powerful, and protects you in all
way.  Gabriel's aura is copper.  When you wear the crystal stone citrine, or the precious metal copper, you readily connect with Archangel Gabriel's

Archangels are very present especially when there is a changing of the ages because that is when most of the chaos manifests upon the earth.
That is when most people lose their equilibrium.

Archangel Gabriel  teaches with words that awaken your own internal truth.

  • Gabriel is one of only two angels mentioned by name in the Bible. Michael is the other. Raphael is mentioned in the Apocrypha, which is
    included in the Bible.

  • Gabriel appears in the Bible as a messenger on important occasions. The most famous example of this is the Annunciation when he visited
    the Virgin Mary and told her to prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-38).

  • Gabriel has always had a close association with maternity. An ancient legend says that she announced the birth of Samson. She appeared
    to Zacharias to tell him that he and his wife Elizabeth should prepare for the birth of a son, John the Baptist (Luke 1:5-25). In the Jewish
    tradition it is believed that Gabriel instructs the baby while it is in the womb.

  • Although not identified by name, many Christians believe that Gabriel announced Christ's birth to the shepherds, warned Mary and Joseph
    that Herod's soldiers were searching for Jesus, and rolled away the stone that sealed the tomb of Jesus.

  • Gabriel is considered the Archangel of Dreams, Premonitions and Clairvoyance. This came about after she helped Daniel to understand the
    significance and symbolism of his strange dreams (Daniel 8:16-27).

  • In 98 C.E. A strange letter containing "the Commandments of Jesus Christ" appeared. It was supposedly written by Gabriel and became a
    relic of the early church. The originals of this letter have never been produced, but copies were sold in England as lucky charms to provide
    safe childbirth and to protect the owner from evil and harm.

  • According to the Harmonists, a nineteenth-century religious sect, Gabriel visited their leader, Father George Rapp, in New Harmony, Indiana,
    and even left her footprint on a limestone slab. It can still be seen today.

  • In the Christian tradition, Gabriel will blow the horn to wake the dead on Judgment Day. The Judgement card in the Tarot deck illustrates this.

  • Gabriel appeared to Muhammad and dictated the Koran to him. In the Islamic tradition, Gabriel also taught Noah how to build his ark from the
    famed cedar trees of Lebanon. Muslims also believe that Gabriel presented Abraham with the Black Stone of the Kaba. Everyone who makes
    the annual pilgrimage to Mecca kisses this stone.
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