Lose the Baggage Clear your Life
You've heard it a million times that you are from the Source and connected to each other,  now lets make it work for
us.  The steps to a clearing exercise are given below.


We experience others as a mirror to whatever we have chosen (unconsciously or consciously)  to look at and grow from.    All our
experiences with others is a reflection of our own inner self-image, self-love, self-worth, self-esteem.  Take responsibility for your choices.  
Choose wisely and powerfully.  

We are, in reality, whole and complete right now and all we have to do is to remember who we really are - divine beings of light who are
powerful creators and part of the Source.

It has not been a small task to remember since we have been
imprinted by our parents and society with a variety of mental pictures of
what and who they decided we were. Now remember we chose our parents and our imprinting so that we could create opportunities for
growth and to learn to transform obstacles,  and use them as our greatest gifts.

Some of us believe we are our
imprinted story.  Imprinted stories might include:

  • the smart child
  • the lazy child
  • the underachiever
  • the clumsy one
  • the one who takes care of their siblings
  • the one who can't get along with people
  • the unsuccessful one
  • the responsible one, etc.

We have the imprinting "wired" into our programing that we can't be anything else.  We have ourselves wired with unconscious patterns of
behavior.  These are the "blocks" you hear about when someone says "I am my own worst enemy" when they unconsciously sabotage

These unconscious patterns direct our lives to some degree until we "become conscious" of them and
choose to change our behavior.

  • All thought is energy, cause and effect.  Becoming conscious of your thoughts is the beginning of self-mastery and unhooking from
    mass consciousness.
  • The only energy that really exists is love and wholeness.  (All energy cycles back to love).  All polarity energy which we have termed
    negative is part of our game on Earth.  It is our creation to make the game more interesting and meaningful.  Energy just "is" so stay
    neutral.  Creating a connection is creating a strand of energy that ties you to that polarity thought.
  • We are on the earth plane because we decided it would be a fun place to experience ourselves as we create our reality.  Everything in
    our lives we have designed by our thoughts, words and actions.
  • The greatest desire is to reunite with Source energy.  We sometimes don't realize that and look to material possessions for fulfillment.  
    We look for this connection when we are in relationship.  The True place to look for this connectedness is within.  The outward search
    always brings you back to yourself and going within.


  • See yourself standing inside a Merkaba
  • Visualize the Merkaba, with you inside it, spinning counterclockwise rapidly
  • Take three deep breaths and as you spin the Merkaba, with you inside it, see the energy that you no longer need and the energy that
    is not yours release out from the Merkaba and you - out into the universe to return to Source.  Do this until you feel complete.
  • Now, visualize the Merkaba with you in it spinning clockwise rapidly see the light streaming out from you and the Merkaba out into the
    universe to Source and back to you again.  Do this until you feel complete.
  • Repeat the statement I am in alignment body, mind and spirit

You have reconfirmed your connection to Unity Consciousness Grid.
Remember that IMPRINTING goes both ways

How we view others creates the SPACE for them to treat us exactly as we imagine.  We get to be right.

Changing your relationship with others involves a change inside of you.

Begin by examining the image of what you are projecting onto the other person.

This is the behavior that you are receiving back in answer to your projection.

ADJUSTMENT:  Try a new approach - no projections onto the other person.  See them in beautiful white light each time they come into your

Let someone just show up in the space with no expectation of how they will show up.  This gives them a clear space and they will feel
unbound by old images of how they are to behave.

See how things shift.

Email me with a report of your experiments.
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