Atlantis Program, How it Affects
Us Today

In Atlantis you had focused your wills, into serving humanity.  You thought you had surrendered to something clearer, but it was a group process that wasn't
clearer, you were being guided by that in the temples, but somehow it wasn't working.  Your collective will had shut down.  The important thing to remember is that
you had a misunderstanding about the will and about power.

Eventually, you were forced out of your jobs in the temples by the power structure which sought control of the general population.  This control could have spread
worldwide if that structure hadn't collapsed - the sinking of Atlantis and the destruction of the civilization.  A convoluted structure cannot last because it is not a
divine structure and eventually will de-construct.

The Atlantis Program

Atlantis brings to our attention and into our awareness the need for acknowledging our personal power and
surrendering our hearts open to divine will.

Your personal point of Power is through the choice of will, a choice to use the will clearly.  The Source gave it to you.  

Acknowledging your personal power through choice of will and desiring to give back is your personal key that opens everything to you.

Surrender is an eternal process and there are levels of surrender.  It is all connected with the amount of trust one has in the group process and the Atlantis
experience brought this issue up for healing.  How much you surrender in a group because it doesn't feel safe and you don't trust the group yet.

Each time you make a choice as you connect into it with your will, if you allow it to be heart surrender,  then there is
an expansion.
 It does not matter what choice you make.

There is a basic fear of being unlimited, so when you start to expand, a buried part of you that you don't recognize shuts it down.  Then there is the feeling that you
cannot trust expansion so when the heart wants to open it, the buried fears keep shutting it down again.   

Your heart opens through more

One of the reasons for bringing up Atlantis is to look at the scattering of the essence as it left the physical level and the feeling of vanishing.  The feeling of
vanishing comes from believing you can't hold on to something, but more basically, from not believing that you can use that focus or that particular opportunity to
take the next step in integrating your unlimitedness.  There is the fear of accepting the unlimitedness that comes through an integration of your strengths or
through an integrative creative process that you have chosen.     

The misuse of power is the key that all of you are probably looking for here.  The universe stores a misuse of power.  This is what you call karma.  It takes a picture
of a misuse of power, and this picture must be transmuted and then you
unhook from the karma.

The misuse of power can come in several ways.  One is in the
attitude - if you know of something and ignore that is a misuse of power.  It is the area of
responsibility which each of us has and then there is the place were we all meet which is the overall responsibility of creating the Earth.  Now this does not mean
necessarily that you must run about correcting the world outwardly rather it means that you take a personal responsibility in
attitude to transmute the situation in
your own energy and consciousness.    

Surrendering to Divine Will is an active process - you are not just sitting on a chair and saying I surrender and then you wait for things to come.  It is an active
process where you are checking and validating each step of your receiving in the plan as it comes through you to really connect and step over the barrier, to use
whatever technique is divinely responsive to opening that next step to receive.  You might say to Source "I am within the plan, I surrender to the plan and may I
open to receive validation for the next thing I am to do.

After a while you are so connected that you just stay connected and validation is known immediately as divine thoughts and inspiration come into your awareness.  
It becomes a

Receptivity that part of you in the heart center creates the plan.  The receptivity is that area of specific spontaneity that the Source uses to activate your heart

Each one of you is the Source.  When you communicate with one another, Source is talking to Itself.  
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