Breath is something we sometimes take for granted.  It just occurs automatically and we don't have to think about it.  What we may not realize is that how we
breathe, the pattens of our breathing, can shift our minds, our consciousness into different neurological pathways in the brain.

Dr. Frank Lawlis has written a book outlining in science what mystics have know for eons, that breath is a powerful tools to shift your mind into different
areas of the brain and therefore alter consciousness.

Dr. Lawlis' book,
THE IQ ANSWER - MAXIMIZING YOUR CHILD'S POTENTIAL,  is ground breaking for the everyday world and scientific community in its
clear exercises in breath control.  It has often been said, "when you control your breath, you can control your life".

Mystic Yoga has known about using the breath, Pranayama,  for transformation from the beginning of ancient wisdom.   

Since Dr. Lawlis has opened the doorway of this ancient knowledge to the average person who may have little interest in Mystic Yoga, I was inspired to
share what I know about the breath.  Although there are yoga positions that usually accompany the breaths, for now you can derive great benefit from
practicing the breathing techniques themselves and add the yoga postures later.  I'll add additional information on the postures in the days to come.


This breath can move the Kundalini energies up the spine and is considered a serious exercise toward gaining enlightenment.

At the base of your spine, your masculine energy is on the right side of your spine and the Feminine energy is on the left side of your spine.  As you perform
this breath the masculine and feminine energies flow simultaneously like two serpents running up your spine (look at the example on the right of the two
serpents running up the spine used as our medical symbol today.)   

    I suggest that you perform this breath as you visualize the energy, beginning at the base of your spine, running up your spine and out through the top
    of your head to merge into one ball of light and then into a fountain of energy.

    Begin this breath by breathing in deeply several times and then continue to breath deeply and quickly.  Now as quickly as you can and as deeply as
    are able continue to breathe in what seems like short snorts of breath.  You may only be able to do this 8 to 10 breaths at first.  You can do this up to
    one or two minutes if you are able later.  Don't forget to visualize the energy going up your spine merging above your head.

    When I began to do this exercise, I immediately felt the energies move up my spine and into my head.  It will give you a feeling of nirvana and bliss just
    after the exercise.  You will feel peaceful and serene - yet energized.  You will feel awakened.


Consciously breathe through alternate nostrils.  Press your finger to the outside of your nostril to accomplish this practice.  You are balanced the
hemispheres in your brain - the masculine and feminine.  Different part of your brain light up with activity with this exercise.


    Breathe in your right nostril by closing off your left, and when you've inhaled all you can, close the right nostril and breathe out through the left.  
    Continue to do this for a few minutes.

    Repeat the alternating patten several time in a relaxed manner.

    Breathe in your left nostril by closing off your right, and when you've inhaled all you can, close the left nostril and breathe out through the right.  
    Continue to do this for a few minutes, then switch.


This breath triggers creativity and inspiration.  Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein both used this technique.


    For every one count of breathing in, hold that breath for four counts, and exhale for two counts.  If this breathing patten seem to fast for you, use the
    following alternative.

    Inhale breathing in to a count of four, holding that breath for sixteen counts and exhaling it slowly to a count of eight.


This exercise takes you out of the emotional space you are in if you are feeling anxious or fearful or stressed.  It shifts your conscious mind into another


    Breathe in slowly and exhale slowly three times.  On the forth breath, breathe in slowly and hold for a count of 4 and exhale.

    Repeat the whole process for a minute or so.

If you are feeling troubled or anxious try one of these breathing techniques for about 10 minutes or so and you will be amazed at how relaxed you will be in a
matter of minutes.
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