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Continuity in Our Actions
Truth and Integrity to Achieve Our Goals
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When we go about our day we may not realize how many times we do something that does not have continuity with our desires and goals for ourselves.

As an example this occurs when we do something like sign up for an email list at a web site and then immediately block that website from fulfilling our

When we tell the universe one thing that we want ascension, unity, oneness, brotherhood and then we do not act with integrity and in accordance with our
original goal we cancel the original message to the universe.

I hope that makes sense.

It is about acting in integrity in word, action and deed (body, mind and spirit).   Not just in your mind saying to yourself that it sounds like a good idea, but
really actually going through life completely in truth and integrity with what you are "putting out there concerning your own energy".

We all have these moments when we do something not in integrity and it is usually because of some form of fear or discomfort that has us stepping a
different direction so as not to "wrestle" with the "stuff" that might come up to deal with.  We know when we have done something not in integrity because
we feel "uneasy" inside about what we have done.

It does not mean that we can't change our minds like with the email request example, but being in integrity would take an
action that may include a
"conscious" response to the web site to say "No, I changed My Mind don't sign me up".

What you will have done with responding to that web site email is to stay in integrity within yourself, honoring yourself by working from a place of wholeness.

You are constantly telling the universe who you are by your actions.

I hope you can all feel the difference in the energy when you hold yourself in that light of true integrity.

Life is a constant teacher!

Valerie Phillips
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