Las Vegas
Sister City to Shamballa
Most people might be thinking how can Las Vegas with its gambling and high crime areas be connected with Shambhala.  I will give you my take on it.

I just moved to Henderson in May 2006 from Northern California.  The heat was a little bit of a shock to my system in the beginning and now I'm adjusting.  I keep my
temperature at 80 degrees in my home when it is 107 outside and it feels almost too cold.  

Why Am I Here.

I worked for a civil engineering firm in San Francisco for 10 years.  I aways felt it symbolic that I ended up working in the Transamerica Pyramid Building.  I spent 2.5
hours each day commuting into San Francisco.
Each year the financial team of the engineering firm would host its meeting in LAS VEGAS.  I was privileged to stay at some great
hotels, Bellagio, Treasure Island, Venetian, Four Seasons Hotel which is connected with Mandalay Bay, New York New York and
many more.

I had the most profound visitations from my guides and masters and spiritual synchronicities happen while I was in Las Vegas.  I
wondered how could this be happening in a place filled with so much illusion.  

It was revealed to me that there are crystals under the earth here in the Las Vegas Desert.  There is quite a bit of ET activity.   
People are being called here to activate the crystals and align the energies holding the space for consistent energy flow.
It was not just me discovering that Las Vegas was a very special place.  I was running into people who would bring up the subject of Las Vegas and share their take
on the high frequency energy there.  

Three weeks ago I went to my bookshelf and opened a book written in 1996 by Janet McClure called "Prelude To Ascension, Tools for Transformation".  I began
thumbing through it and found some information on the energy of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas-there are no rays going right through it, but it is relatively close to the
seventh ray.  And the fifth ray is somewhere below it and would be influenced by
these rays.  What is the desert?  It is a place without water - very warm - associated with other climates that are similar, such as the one the Planetary Logos, Santa
Kumara, began with.  They are complex areas, but Las Vegas partakes of several things.  There is a direct connection to the desert area above Shamballa in the
Gobi Desert and Sanat Kumara's consciousness making it a sister city to Shamballa.

Las Vegas has very exciting energy and many people feel it with the polarity running from one extreme to another causing lots of stimulation energy.  At the same
time, there is an anticipation of the esoteric connection.

Things happen in layers, and over the last ten years, more and more metaphysical energies have been arriving here in Las Vegas via energy workers, light workers,
healer, spiritual teachers coming with the intension of doing the work of the Source and divine will.  People are coming to LAS VEGAS looking for their own
knowingness and their own divinity.

The expansion of consciousness that we are now experiencing on earth is pinpointed and magnified in many locations on the earth.

Certain places on the earth are being charged up and aligned with Unity Consciousness in a dynamic transformational way by Source energy working through light
workers, energy workers.

When you visit these locations you experience big shifts in consciousness and LAS VEGAS is one of these places.  The crystals under the earth in the Las Vegas
Desert are activated.  

People are feeling the call to visit Las Vegas and some feel an inner calling to move here.

The excitement energy is being balanced and integrated along with the polarities.  Huge shifts happen here.    When you have energy activations and clearing work
here it is extremely powerful.  Are you ready?

Valerie Phillips
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