It is on its way out, lets not be the last one on the block to give it up.
As we incarnated on the earth we created a polarized setting.

This happened when we decided to experience incarnation and split into masculine and feminine parts of ourselves.

This would be the Twin Flame we have heard about. But remember (not to confuse the issue) there are many more fragments of you, split from the fragments,
running about at the same time (both masculine and feminine).   Copies or fragments of you with some variation so they can live out multiple choices. This is all
occurring in the cosmic NOW.

The reason we are talking about Polarized Thinking is because of Zero Point.  Zero Point is that time when more than half the earth's inhabitants are done with
Polarity.  It is a mass consciousness disconnect from Polarity.  Some say this has already happened and time will tell on what the results will be.  Gregg Braden in his
book Zero Point says that the polar opposites are like a huge magnet and will exert a
tremendous pull at the time of the merging of the poles.  He describes that
people will be split in the opposite end of the poles by their choices causing more crime and acting out, wars, etc., this along with huge humanitarian movements and
peaceful assistance, peaceful existence of people until the merge is complete.

How much of our thoughts are in the polarized opposites classifying what is right or wrong, positive energy or negative energy, good person or bad person.

When we think in polar opposites we are not in balance.  We are drawn to one side of the scale to the other in just a matter of moments - just like a breeze.  When
we take a position labeling something as negative or positive we polarize ourselves removing ourselves from a place (state) of harmony and balance

All energy is from Source with no label.  It is only our perceptions that make something fit into the polar category.   Along with our perceptions our energy also goes.   
Everything is an Experience, that is all, just an Experience, no label.

It took a long time for me to learn that when I felt hurt from my experiences I needed to surrender AND own that it was my creation for my experience, learning, and
growth. The person that seemed to have caused my hurt was just occasioning the Experience for me. They were bringing me the Experience from which I sought to
learn a specific thing.

The Polarization is going to be over soon (if not already over) and what will happen at Zero Point when enough of humanity has had enough polarity.

The Earth Plane is now going through its own ascension process along with all of us on the planet.  As Zero Point merge gets closer the poles magnetically pull
stronger at each side of negative and positive.

It is more important now than ever to stay grounded and in balance.

Dialectic thinking is old 3D stuff.  

Valerie Phillips
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