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A visit to Assisi, Rome, Ravello, and Pompeii.   I usually do not take trips unless I have an inner calling or urge to go.  It was not until I caught the
local public television show about the Campania region of Italy.
There it was, Ravello, Italy, I began to watch as they panned in over the air looking down at the Amalfi Coast and Ravello, an
ancient mountainous community high on the cliffs. I began to cry without even having a thought. Tears were streaming down my face.
The feelings I was experiencing were very deep in my heart and I wanted to go there. It was as if I had lived the best lifetime there in
that place. My heart literally ached for it.
Later, when I thought about why I would visit Ravello, it was like I would be picking up pieces of myself that I had scattered over lifetimes and some very
important and essential part to be gathered and awakened during the visit. Like touching that essence of yourself that you have not been consciousness of in a long
Let me say that you do not have to travel to sacred places to have your soul pieces merged and awakened.

Though, I have had this experience before at the Four Corners area at Mesa Verde Cliff dwelling of the Anasazi.

For me being at the site was powerful and fulfilling and I was only 13 at the time.  I just wanted my parents to drop me off
and leave me there.  My heart was there.
Anasazi is a Navajo word meaning “ancient ones”. Archaeologists use it to describe the Basketmaker-Pueblo Indian
culture that existed from about A.D. 1 to 1300 in the Four Corners Plateau region of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and
In planning the Ravello trip, I knew I would not be going to Italy alone and that it was not yet time (this was about 3 years ago). Now all the ducks are in a row
and I am going with John my Divine Compliment.  John just happens to be part Italian on his mother’s side.  His mother’s family had a vineyard, since sold, near
Venice in the north.

Ravello, I used to cut out pictures and just look at the place. A friend did a mini reading for me to find out what the Ravello connection was. I was told that I had
been an opera singer and had wonderful, lifetimes excelling at everything I did, I was self actualized. It is really funny, but I can not sing a note in this lifetime. I did
some research and Ravello is known for its Opera performances daily during the spring and summer.

ASSISI, I have always feet deeply connected to St. Francis of Assisi and I never knew why until I read that Kuthumi was reincarnated as St. Francis of Assisi.   
This was about 25 years ago and I still resonate with the information.  I rarely pay attention to something unless I have a deep connection inside me, that resounding
resonance.  I had that feeling and connection as I was reading the material Madame Blavatsky wrote for the
Theosophical Society and then later the material by
Alice A. Bailey who had been a student of Madam Blavatsky.

Then I understood my deep feelings for St. Francis as Kuthumi has been my Teacher for as long as I can remember.
The photo to the left is the Master Kuthumi.  The Master El Morya under that and The Master St. Germain last on the left.  The
Tibetan Master Djwahl Kuhl is on the right and Sanat Kumara below his picture.

Master Kuthumi had lives as the philosopher-mathematician Pythagoras, the devoted Magi priest of Babylon, Francis of Assisi,
Mughal King Shah Jahan who built the magnificent Taj Mahal, (I have been to the Taj Mahal quite by coincidence and did not
realize) finally the Mahatma Koot Hoomi Lal Singh, the Master who guided Mme. Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott to found the
Theosophical Society, we have today the same soul as the former Ascended Master, Chohan of the Second Ray of Love and
head of the Office of the Christ in the Great Brotherhood of Light.

He works intimately with the Ascended Master St. Germain. Kuthumi now works with Sananda Kumara as a World Teacher.
Sananda Kumara (Sananda is the ascended name for Jesus) is the brother of Sanat Kumara, the ancient of days.

Pompeii is a touch stone of sorts that moves people on to deeper energies within.   Also, Pompeii is
representing old traumas healed and released.

It is an ancient city of southern Italy southeast of Naples.   Founded in the sixth or early fifth century
B.C., it was a Roman colony by 80 B.C.and became a prosperous port and resort with many noted villas,
temples, theaters, and baths. Pompeii was destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius in
A.D. 79.   The incredibly well-preserved ruins were rediscovered in 1748 and have been extensively

Have you ever planned to take a trip and not have any idea why you were going.   For some reason when I
do not have a clear idea of what I am to experience or achieve, I do not seem to have any consciousness
experiences on the trip. It feels like a wasted opportunity at the end of the trip.

Somehow when I look deep inside myself and get to the bottom of why I am taking a trip then I have the most
incredible awakenings, clearing and releases. It must be the power of intension and for me it works.

I will write more after my trip and give you an update on my experiences in Pompeii and Ravello at the
beginning of October.

Valerie Phillips
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