~ Shine Your Light ~
Candle from the Fire of God
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Dear ones, you have traveled the Universe to gain certain attributes that you would always bring to the table wherever you were. Whatever you had to do, you would
bring these attributes with you. You are carrying these different pieces of Home with you throughout many incarnations—not just on Earth—but throughout the
Universe in the different places where you have played your games.

Like a Boat on the Ocean

Now it is becoming critical that you tap into these attributes once again. It is becoming more important not only for you, but also for the world around you. Let us
explain. It is very simple to see that you are becoming empowered as a society once again. We say that because there have been empowered societies which have
worked quite well on Planet Earth in previous times. One of the most successful was in the days of Lemuria, and the way things worked without rules. How did it
work? How can it be that everybody understands and that everybody takes responsibility? In those days it was very simple. You viewed yourself as a boat on the
ocean, and you could do anything you wanted as long as you were aware of and responsible for everything your wake did behind you. If you got going too fast,
turned and created a wake that ended up affecting other boats, you would automatically take responsibility for whatever damage your path caused. What that did
was make you aware that you had an energy field around you. We call this ‘making space for the other gods’. When this connection happens, it naturally creates the
path of least resistance toward whatever goal it is aimed.  When you acclimate to this awareness you become hyper aware of the overall energy fields and how they
are interrelated.  This can be used in very positive ways. It can be said that you learned to control the waves and wakes to create something positive in your reality.

Up to this point in your evolution there have been very few empowered societies where you could use this knowledge consciously on a daily basis. But now
happening on Earth, and for the first time it is possible for you to lead more fully empowered lives than you ever have before. That means being able to empower
the people around you, as well as stepping into your own empowerment. There are difficulties with these roles, for humans are not accustomed to doing this. You
are accustomed to hiring leaders and bringing in people to take care of things for you. As long as you followed the rules, you did not have to worry about what your
wake or energy field may have caused as it went behind you. That is beginning to change, which presents a new opportunity for each one of you. That is what we
wish to speak of this day, because it is very important that you see yourselves the way that we see you evolving right now.

Participant vs. Observer

Let us say there was a time that you knew you were going to come into Planet Earth. You were busy planning this stage, planning this life. You chose the right
parents, and the right sister or brother, to learn the lessons that you needed to learn. You set up these opportunities and scripts for yourself. Then you came in and
worked through them as each lesson appeared, yet not once did you realize that you could change at any moment. That is what is starting to take place now. You
are beginning to understand that not only can you change your life drastically, but you can empower those around you to make your own path the one of least
resistance. Whether that path is expressed in business, religion, spirituality or in daily life, makes no difference. The challenge is that you wanted to come here and
bring something special from Home. You wanted to be a participant not an observer for most of you have been teachers and healers over and over throughout the
lifetimes of planet Earth. Many of you would not be here if you did not have with a role to play in the shifting of humanity on a large scale in the direction of light.  
Many of you are here now to watch the critical mass be reached, as the inevitable opening between dimensions allows you to finally see some of the results of your
own earlier work in all segments of humanity. It will activate the next level of personal power. The use of this new power is very magical, and yet very delicate. It has
two sides. You can be cut by one side and served well by the other, at the very same time. So, you still need to find your balance within the new energy.

Lighting Your Candle from the Fire of God

Here is the biggest piece of the puzzle that we can tell you: You carry a special light from Home. It is yours and nobody else can carry this for you. You dared to walk
up and light your candle from the fire of god. Then you brought it to Earth and have been so worried about that candle blowing out in the harshness of Earth’s
turbulence. You worried about too many people seeing that candle and what they thought, so you learned to hide the brightest part of your light.  You hid it so well
that you could not even see it yourself. Now all of humanity is reaching a level to where you are starting to re-member that you each hold a part of god within you.  
To create empowered societies, each one must now offer his or her candle for the good of all.

You have something very special to give. So, you ask, “How do I do it? I did not study this. I did no preparation for this.” When suddenly there is a stirring deep within
your heart…. That is all you need to set this creation into motion. The details were well hidden by your own design. Now it is time to re-member, and it starts with
having that feeling. That is all that is necessary, because everything else will come back to you. You will re-member the times that you have done it before, and all of
the information you have collected throughout the Universe is yours the moment you start creating a spot for it to  re-turn. Set the intention to fulfill your purpose
and everything else will start falling into place around you. It does not always mean that you have to spend every second of every day focused on your purpose.
However, the more you can re-veal with your light, the more you can share that light with other people and the more comfortable you will be.

Allowing more of your light within the body will cause a natural increase of sexual energy in the physical body. The physical changes have already begun. You are
not only gaining connections in the Pineal Gland and the parts of the brain that are starting to receive these signals, but through every other organ as well. Your
bodies are starting to evolve at a very rapid rate now. The re-wire of the physical human is happening on an energetic level and on a physical level. It is very
exciting, because it opens the door for you.

Making Space for Your Light in Your World

We also tell you there are several parts that are going to be more difficult for you now, with the biggest one being that there will be no more hiding. Your light is
becoming too bright to hide, which is a good thing. You have come in with this incredible sensitivity, so the first thing you did was hold your light out to the world. You
felt the effect of the light, took responsibility for it and pulled your light back. Your responsibility is to share the light, not how the light is perceived by others. It is
intended to lighten your heart and to bring your candle from Home, sharing your truth. It does not necessarily need to fit in every other truth any more, because that
is not the important piece.  As you step forward  it will require balancing your own ego as well. You used to be able to hide behind a large group of people that you
were a part of, in order to be a part of something creative. But now, even if you are with a large group of people, the energy will be more focused on the individual
and how that individual acts and reacts within that group of people. This will be the difference between what we have experienced on Earth up to this point and what
you will now see as empowered humans create their lives on a conscious, daily basis.

So, be not fearful of your light. Know that it is not possible to blow that light out, even if you take it out on the windiest of days. That candle will shine within you for
eternity, throughout infinity. It is your spark of god. Find whatever this is, look for it now. Focus more on the individual—not only yourselves—but your children. Look
around and help empower the people where you work, in your family and everyone that you come into contact with. Now you can take the next step together. Yes,
some of you have always been the leaders, and some of you have always been holding the door open saying, “Come on. You can make it! We can all go.”
Sometimes you will not be trusted because you have been saying that for so long, but it does not make any difference. When you step in that direction now, it is no
longer about you holding the door open for anyone else. It is about you stepping through the door yourself. It is about you daring to stand out there and say, “This
is who I am. This is what I have. Judge me one way or another, it makes no difference. I am on my path, following my life’s purpose. And so it is.” That is what is
taking place right now.

It is also going to mean shifting your own view of yourself a little. That has caused you great problems, especially among the teachers and healers in these rooms.
You see how that light  affects other people, and right away you have a tendency to pull it back a bit because of the glare from the light. That is not your
responsibility. Your responsibility is to share your light in whatever way you comfortably can. That also means balancing your ego. Everyone is afraid of what
happens when your ego becomes too inflated, because when that happens   you cut yourself off from your source. It is easy for the deflated balloon to fall very
rapidly and cause those problems, but that is not our concern for you here in these rooms. Our concern is for those of you who have too low of an ego, for those
who will not stand up and say, “I have a candle of my own. I have something to share here.” Every person loses—including us—when you do not share your light
from Home.

Technology is changing very rapidly in many ways.  Books will probably be with you for some time, because you have such a love affair with the paper. Find ways of
sharing and spreading this light, making it available to the people around you. Find ways of not only taking responsibility for your boat, your life and your direction,
but also for the wake that it causes. Find ways of using that wake in a positive way and you will create an empowered energy field all around you. All it takes is
consciousness and asking the question: “How can I do this?” We hope that this day we have not given you answers, but have helped you clarify your questions
because you already hold the answers.

You have struggled many times to see yourself, not only on this planet, but throughout the Universe. Dear ones, if only you could see yourself in the way we see
you, you would never doubt yourselves again. You would never hide that light in any way, shape or form. We hope that through our eyes, you can see even a quick
glimpse of your own greatness.

It is with true honor that we address you, the Master Teachers of Planet Earth. We ask you to re-member only three things: Treat each other with the greatest
respect. Nurture one another. Know that you are playing a beautiful game and try to play well together.


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