We come into this earth plane experience and split into many fragments to experience more instantaneously, concurrently in parallel lives.

There is no space and time.  Everything is in the now.  What you think of as linear time is the earth plane's expression so that we can make sense of all events in an
orderly fashion.

Opening consciously to all our existences in all concurrent parallel lives might seem a bit confusing to some.  When we call back our soul fragments to reintegrate it
is like calling back all the pieces of a giant puzzle along with the impact of wisdom, talents and gifts that each fragment has gleaned.

Why would you want to call back your soul fragments even if you don't believe in parallel lives.  

Think of yourself as the main trunk of a tree and each branch is a road you could go down or choice you could make.  If you don't go down the road, then a parallel
life is created and that fragment goes down that life path for you.  When you call back all the information and power from the branches back into the main tree truck
you are going to be operating from all your wisdom and gifts combined and from your divine plan.

This includes all your future selves, all your past wisdom and all your lives in all universes and in all space and time.  We say all space and time so that our
unconscious mind gets it and doesn't argue.

Operating and functioning in the main branch of your tree is the easiest most powerful ways to access the ancient knowledge that lives inside of you.  If you have
made it to this article, then you are here to bring in information and assist others or you would not have picked this time for the Earth Game Program and 2012.

Many of us came back from the Future to open the doorway for new choices in this parallel of earth experience and as I see it this is one time when we will be
successful in bringing this about.  When I say that we have come back from the future, I mean that this existence is like a notch or groove on a record.  It is a
recordable space in the earth plane experience.  It is illusion that this space is dimensionally separated.  There is no separation between dimensions.  It is our
created illusion.

Before we begin, let me say that I know how powerful we are and even so I still ask for assistance when I do spiritual work.  The Creator-Source, Archangels &
Angels, Guides and Masters are here to assist us and I am going to make the request.  Another perspective would be that everything and everyone is us - the gods,
goddess, angels, masters are archetypes of pieces of our wholeness with each one representing different focuses of power and energy, e.g.,  Kuan Yin the
Goddess of Compassion or Archangel Michael the Guardian of Truth.  Why not call on all the energy of assistance available.


Begin in meditation by taking three very slow deep breaths with deep long exhales.

Now with clear intension of bringing forth integration of all your Soul Fragments in all Space and Time for clear and powerful dynamic activation of Divine Plan and
conscious knowledge of all that is.

We ask all of our angels, guides and masters to join us in deep healing presence.  Visualize them joining you in a group behind you and beside you.

As we call upon the cosmic aspect of ourselves and invoke the power as we dynamically connect with all our fragments in all space and time at the Galactic Core*
(*your administrative headquarters).

We visualize all our fragments as beings and energies walking up to us.  Each one embracing us with a big smile as we exchange deep heart energy of love and
then the being (fragment of self) steps forth merging into us integrating on all levels of  bodies, mind and spirit at the core of the matrix of our soul.

Continue the process of merging soul fragments until you feel complete.

Visualize all your angels, guides and masters coming around you hugging you and congratulating you for your initiation in this powerful step you have taken.

As we integrate all the fragments, we want to keep the wisdom and gifts and clear the rest after this integration process.


See Yourself standing inside a Merkaba

Visualize the Merkaba, with you inside it, spinning counterclockwise rapidly

Take three deep breaths and as you spin the Merkaba, with you inside it, see the energy that you no
longer need and the energy that is not yours release out from the Merkaba and you - out into the
universe to return to Source.  Do this until you feel complete.

Now, visualize the Merkaba with you in it spinning clockwise rapidly see the light streaming out from you
and the Merkaba out into the universe to Source and back to you again.  Do this until you feel complete.

Repeat the statement I am in perfect alignment body, mind and spirit, all my gifts, talents and divine plan are now easily assessable.

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or like stuff is surfacing just take a few moments to do the Merkaba Clearing Exercise.  It is simple yet dynamically powerful.

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