Taking Responsibility for your life
Taking back your power does not mean that someone took it from you rather, it means that you gave it away freely.

The whys of this are many but usually it is to avoid conflict so we choose to be passive and abdicate responsibility to someone else.

Everyone can have areas of "powerlessness" where we just choose to be a passive passenger of a situation.

 We have been afraid of our own power.

The really interesting thing is that passive people are extremely powerful.  Usually they've had lifetimes of using their power in different ways and they carry some
illusionary "guilt" about that and they don't want to hurt anyone in this lifetime.  

Abdicating your responsibility takes away someone else's power.  Think about it this way that if you never let others experience the balance of energies in shared
responsibility of decision making you are "making" them the leader instead of partner.  This holds true for work relationship, family relationships and relationship with

Another way to look at it is "stalled spiritual growth" for the other person if you have chosen to be stuck in continuously giving your power away.  They need your new
choices to learn from.

Be powerful, make powerful wise choices in balance with your truth and Divine Will.

Stages of this growth.

The higher frequency energies coming onto the planet now are so powerful that most people AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY can not tolerate being in a situation that is
not in alignment with their "real truth".

Where they have been passive suddenly they are experiencing "anger" rising up and this is to clear away the old energies and thought forms.

The next stage is change in relationship to your job, your family, your environment.  It doesn't have to mean separation but it does change dynamics.  Suddenly the
old purpose of your relationships is gone and a new foundation must be laid, change will occur because your new energy will not resonate with old patterns of
behavior and purpose.

The next stage is the integration of the newly revealed truth of you.  You may not even recognize yourself.  You may feel like hibernating and staying in a cocoon
during this time.

The next stage is the new you.  You may have inner truths that are so vastly different from your "programmed" idea of self.  It takes time to get to know the real you.  
You may not want to do the same old things any more.  Your interests may change entirely.  You may quit your job and learn to do something else.  You may enjoy
different foods.  You may not be as interested in watching TV because other interests are now more important to you.  These and many other changes may occur.

Divine Will is in charge.

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